Consumer Score Audit

Dear Home Improvement Business,

We are requesting information about your business for use in our Concierge Program.

We will contact you and visit your place of business to verify the online information provided.

Note: Our Secret Shoppers utilize the paper version of the consumer score audit.

Business Name:
Business Contact:
Title (Owner / Manager):
E-mail Address:
Street Address:
Mail Address:
What is your Business Specialization:
Years in Business:
Do you have visible Outside Signage:
Years at Location:
If recently moved, Years at Previous Location:
Describe the number of Parking Spaces available:
Is your company ownership Local, Regional, Provincial or National:
What Associations and Affiliations does your company have:
Describe Your Logo:
Days and Hours of Operation:
Do you have Outside Sales Reps:
What is the Market Area you service:
Describe your Location in relation to the market you service:
Do you charge for delivery? If so, what is the average charge:
Do you have a disposal service to remove items replaced by delivered items:
Can you provide Consumer Testimonials:
Do you have a Toll-free Phone number:
What is your Website Address:
Do you have Air Miles:
Do you accept major credit cards:
Is there Financing Available:
What is your standard delivery time for out-of-stock items:
Do you provide Installation services for your products:
What is your Product Return Policy:
What is your standard Service Policy on your products:
Does your company research product lines that have a minimal environmental impact:
Do you have Merchandise Displays:
Do you have Samples Available:
Do you have Brochures and Catalogs Available:
Are you registered with Worker's Compensation Board:
What is your Business Insurance Liability Amount:

Thank you for providing information on your business.