Ripley's Concierge Services help Home Owners to save on high quality Home Improvement Products and Services!


Congratulations on building / renovating your home or relocating to the Central Okanagan! Our mission is to save you time and money while improving your most valuable asset. Ripley's Concierge Services for British Columbia is based in Kelowna which has been one of the fastest growing cities in Canada for many decades.

Kelowna provides many high quality home improvement services at great value to the consumer. We receive information and feedback from Home Owners who have recently completed a construction or renovation project on the businesses that have provided products and services. Furthermore, we send "secret shoppers" to perform a Consumer Score Audit. The resulting data is summarized and each business is given a rating which is strictly the opinion of

We have three criteria that guide us in choosing the product and service providers that we recommend our clients to do business with:

  • Value to our customer
  • Support for Local Business
  • Environmental Impact

How to take advantage of Ripley's Concierge Services:

1. Register Online. This shows us which products and services you wish us to focus our attention on, to get you the best value.

2. Our Concierge will call to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your project.

3. At the meeting our Concierge will utilize the Organizational Chart to identify specific needs as to products and services required for the project and Grants and Rebates available.

4. We give you a Ripley's Virtual Home Show DVD to help you select businesses that provide outstanding value. With the information provided you can avoid wasting time and fuel on visiting unqualified businesses.

5. Once you have chosen the specific products and services, our concierge will negotiate with each company to ensure you receive the best price prior to making the purchase.

6. After your project is finished you will receive your Grants and Rebates based on: A) Documentation filed with government departments and B) our Concierge Service Agreement.

You will have access to a variety of recognized experts which is one of the most beneficial features of our program. We take pride in our research to find experts in each category of home improvement. Please note that you are under no obligation to use suppliers that we recommend and that we will negotiate prices, terms, and conditions with any specific company or supplier you wish to deal with.

Once your project is complete we request YOUR FEEDBACK to monitor the quality of our own service.

We are confident that you will save time and money from the benefit of our knowledge and experience of dealing with these Kelowna businesses. Please see our frequently asked question section to review detailed information on our services.

Registration is quick and easy and could be the best Home Improvement decision you will ever make.

We look forward to being your personal Home Improvement Concierge!

Jim Ripley

Note: Suppliers and Merchants may review information on our program.