Bathroom Fixtures

Information from Business Licenses Issued, Phone Directory, and local research.

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Company Name Address Phone Email QA?
Ace Bath and Kitchen 427 Banks 861-6696 Email
A-Direct Access Glass 1753 Dolphin Ave 868-0087 Email
Baths By Design 451 Banks Road, 250-762-7771 Email QA?
Ensuite Bath & Kitchen Centre 1950 Windsor 448-8220 Email QA?
Innovative Floors Okanagan 765-4121 Email
Kitchen and Bath Classics 2270 Hunter Road, 250-860-4991 Email QA?
Okanagan Bath 1135 Stevens Road, 250-769-4550 Email QA?
Splashes Bath & Kitchen Centre 440 Banks Road, 250-762-5205 Email QA?
Westbank Plumbing 1515 Westgate Rd 769-3115 Email
Company Name Address Phone Email QA?