Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Information from Business Licenses Issued, Phone Directory, and local research.

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Company Name Address Phone Email QA?
All Professional Carpet Care 762-3116 Email QA?
Aqua-Base Carpet Cleaning 768-0777 Email QA?
Bill's Clean Care 762-4224 Email QA?
Burnmac Services Kelowna 860-8889 Email QA?
Capital Carpet Care 1815 Kirschner 860-5567 Email QA?
Citruso Okanagan 768-7666 Email
Cromwell Restoration 1414 Hunter Court 860-9109 Email QA?
Deep Clean Carpet Care 3 Caramillo Rd 763-1153 Email QA?
Enviroclean Services 210 Dundas Road 869-0435 Email QA?
Fibre-Medics 2515 Hillsborough Road 769-4557 Email QA?
Hydraclean 862-8815 Email QA?
Kelowna Cleanpro Kelowna 826-7896 Email
Mitex Okanagan Indoor Hygienics Kelowna 765-7146 Email QA?
Ned's Cleaning Service 1687 Sunrise Rd 491-9311 Email QA?
Okanagan Restoration Services 255 Neave Road 491-0224 Email QA?
Orchard Valley Chem-Dry 1040 Sunnyside 769-6356 Email QA?
Oxy-Dry Carpet Cleaning Kelowna 860-4595 Email QA?
Perma Touch Carpet Care 861-5549 Email QA?
Pro-Steam Plus 260 Campion St 765-9362 Email QA?
Roto-Static Carpet Cleaning 1698 Cary Rd 860-3736 Email QA?
Sana Kleen Janitor Service 661 Bay Ave 762-9456 Email QA?
Sani-Tech Services Okanagan 835 Coronation Avenue 860-2001 Email QA?
Servco Carpet & Upholstery Care 1254 Pheasant St 762-2314 Email QA?
Stutters Construction Restorations 1216 St. Paul Street 201 763-1555 Email QA?
Sun Valley's Finest 717-3407 Email QA?
Total Restoration Services Inc 707 Finns Road 491-3828 Email QA?
Company Name Address Phone Email QA?