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Company Name
515694 B.C. Ltd. Satnam Basran 764-4650 Email QA?
564549 Alberta Ltd Sylvia Grassl 215-1143 Email QA?
Abbey Rd. Homes & Renovations Steve Ranseth 212-8556 Email QA?
Acorn Communities Ltd. Michael Bird 768-8058 Email QA?
Alf Wiens Construction Alfred Wiens 763-6303 Email QA?
Allan Lipkovits Allan Lipkovits 717-7432 Email QA?
Ambrosio Construction Frank Ambrosio 764-8175 Email QA?
Apchin Design Group Ltd. Denis Apchin 862-2078 Email QA?
Aquila Enterprises Inc. Richard Michel 212-1103 Email QA?
Ashlar Homes Ltd. Don Jensen 878-8299 Email QA?
Azure Developments Rod Froehler (250) 215-2687 Email QA?
AuthenTech Homes Scott Tyerman 212-9963 Email QA?
Avery Construction Curt Avery 470-8692 Email QA?
B & B Better Homes Barry Brocklebank 860-4844 Email QA?
Belcrest Homes James Belch 862-8095 Email QA?
Big Valley Custom Homes Victor Schwab 769-5177 Email QA?
Blue Sky Development Company Tony Bakula 317-0901 Email QA?
Bornau's Construction Ltd. Ed Bornau 212-7667 Email QA?
Builtrite Homes Erin Anderson (250) 826-5388 Email
Cara Glen Estates Ltd. Peter Kruse 762-3434 Email QA?
Carleton Development Ltd. Ken Faust 762-6886 Email QA?
Chatham Contracting Ltd. David Chatham 764-5387 Email QA?
Cherry Lane Homes Peter Teschner 765-0226 Email QA?
Chriscan Enterprises Ltd. Len Suchocki 712-1324 Email QA?
Connemara Farms Ltd. Tony Stewart 317-2078 Email QA?
Corcoran Industries Ltd. Kenneth Corcoran 878-4138 Email QA?
Corey Knorr Construction Ltd. Corey Knorr 491-3190 Email QA?
Crown Property Development Ltd. Thomas Netzlaw 764-0723 Email QA?
Culos Development (1996) Inc. Michael Culos 763-7806 Email QA?
Custom Choice Builders Richard Delaurier 862-0958 Email QA?
Dallamore Homes Jay Dallamore 470-7162 Email QA?
David Schmidt Homes David Schmidt 765-6228 Email QA?
Davison Norman Homes Brian Davison 765-3868 Email QA?
Delnor Custom Homes Del Rodgers 317-6065 Email QA?
Dennis Construction Dennis Skramic 470-9200 Email QA?
Destination Homes Don Erdely 707-1752 Email QA?
Dickson Homes Stuart Dickson 717-3580 Email QA?
Dilworth Quality Homes Inc. Michael Jacobs 762-9999 Email QA?
Distinctive Developments Ltd. Terry Heinrich 878-2490 Email QA?
Dreamscape Homes Ken Redlick 470-1339 Email QA?
Dueck Design and Construction Elroy Dueck 317-2156 Email QA?
Dutch Construction (1988) Ltd. Bill Bouwsema 317-3636 Email QA?
Edgecombe Enterprises Kevin Edgecombe 212-1665 Email QA?
Edison Homes Ltd. Dwayne Taron 862-1422 Email QA?
Engel Construction Doug Engel 215-1616 Email QA?
Excite Homes Inc. David Babakaiff 765-3069 Email QA?
Fawdry Industries Ltd. Glenn Fawdry 862-7072 Email QA?
G. Dirksen Contracting Garth Dirksen 470-9146 Email QA?
Gallaghers Canyon Land Developmen Donald Lee 861-5002 Email QA?
Gerard Kasdorf Gerhard Kasdorf 764-2444 Email QA?
Gord Turner Renovations Ltd. Gord Turner 868-7078 Email QA?
Graham Construction William Flaig 765-6662 Email QA?
Grant Turik Grant Turik 717-7733 Email QA?
Greystoke Design Ltd. Ralf Rohrlack 868-0944 Email QA?
GRL Developments Ltd. Gary Loewen 862-2106 Email QA?
Hansum Homes John & Fran Hansum 250-764-2324 Email
Harmony Co-ordination Services Ltd Michael Webb 765-5191 Email QA?
Heartland Developments Inc. Roy Campbell 769-2242 Email QA?
Hill Valley Homes Ltd. John Brachman 470-8890 Email QA?
Homequest Construction Ltd. Paul Warren 470-9272 Email QA?
Hugh Westen Contracting Hugh Westen 470-7669 Email QA?
Ian Paine Construction Ltd. Ian Paine 868-2133 Email QA?
Interior Homes Randy Leskosek 763-1761 Email QA?
James Sharko James Sharko 212-6440 Email QA?
Jill of All Trades Kaarisa 250 212-1848 Email
Jud Wickwire Contracting Ltd. Jud Wickwire 212-0442 Email QA?
K & M Ventures Ltd Kenneth Nicholls 212-9482 Email QA?
K. Petersen Holdings Inc. Ken Petersen 403-605-8881 Email QA?
K. West Construction Linda Bird 769-6600 Email QA?
Kare Contracting Ken Stocks 763-7936 Email QA?
Kee Builders Ltd. Frede Poulsen 712-2224 Email QA?
Kennedy Construction Ltd Ed Kennedy 860-9733 Email QA?
Key Note Homes Ltd. Richard Robertson 470-9244 Email QA?
Kippan - Gil Duncan Kippan 317-1282 Email QA?
KSR Enterprises Ltd. Ken Reid 763-4640 Email QA?
Ladybird Homes Mark Ranger 212-2392 Email QA?
Lakeland Electric Ltd. Bruce Snaychuk 861-3944 Email QA?
Larry Heinrichs Larry Heinrichs 764-4202 Email QA?
LD Construction Ltd. Laurence Dueck 470-2818 Email QA?
Legend Resorts Ltd Jim Hammond 317-1220 Email QA?
Lenarcic Bros Construction John Lenarcic 212-5733 Email QA?
Lindenhome Corporation Dennis Skuter 860-9504 Email QA?
Loewen Construction Victor Loewen 212-3939 Email QA?
Lou Guidi Construction Limited Lou Guidi 763-3240 Email QA?
M.O. Takanen-Talo Build Mark Takanen 769-0609 Email QA?
Maicon Construction (1996) Ltd. Paul Mailey 212-8440 Email QA?
Maple Reinders Inc. Michael Reinders 765-8892 Email QA?
Maric Construction Ltd. Richard Hanenburg 765-2990 Email QA?
Markui Contracting Ltd. Mark Fruson 215-1870 Email QA?
Meadow Brook Estates Ltd. Edwin Kennedy 317-3874 Email QA?
Meadow Ridge Homes Limited Miles Krahn 868-0506 Email QA?
Mile High Custom Homes Ltd. Arnold Wiebe 878-5301 Email QA?
Mission Shores Developments Ltd. Jonathan Friesen 448-8810 Email QA?
MKS Resources Inc. Mostafa Shoranick 861-3413 Email QA?
Monarch Homes Ltd. Rod Froehler (250) 215-2687 Email QA?
Morvil Contractors Ltd Bernard Morel 470-2276 Email QA?
Mountain Landco Ltd. Danny Schwab 309-3810 Email QA?
Neil Miller Homes Ltd. Neil Miller 470-9449 Email QA?
Nesbitt Originals Ltd. Paul Nesbitt 470-9828 Email QA?
New Bay Homes Greg Penner 317-2288 Email QA?
Oasis Homes Jaskarn Kandola 317-2879 Email QA?
Ocean Bay Properties Ltd. Jonathan Friesen 215-2811 Email QA?
Okanagan Valley Construction Ltd. 491-2508 Email QA?
Oriole Enterprises Donald Smith 212-9692 Email QA?
Pars Construction Mohsen Joze-Khajavi 878-0662 Email QA?
Pentar Homes Ltd. Fred Parent 317-3696 Email QA?
Prominence Development Ltd. Murray Weeks 762-7422 Email QA?
Quicksilver Framing Specialists Ken Busch 768-5367 Email QA?
R & A Lucky Homes Ltd. Tony Khunkhun 317-3253 Email QA?
R & B Construction Ltd. Ruby Poonian 491-4139 Email QA?
R 181 Enterprises Ltd. Mostafa Shoranick 861-3413 Email QA?
R.E.C. Construction Robert Cote 470-3919 Email QA?
R327 Enterprises Ltd. Glen Roth 470-8251 Email QA?
Randall Rhode Randall Rhode 769-3414 Email QA?
Raybo Holdings Ltd. Robert Volk 868-8720 Email QA?
Raymond Marshall Raymond Marshall 769-4374 Email QA?
RCI Interior Developments Jeff Robinson 861-4550 Email QA?
Red Sky Designs Ltd. Jason Milne 869-7768 Email QA?
Reg Cossette Construction Rejean Cossette 763-1156 Email QA?
Richard Cassidy Richard Cassidy 765-0725 Email QA?
Rippel Contracting Ted Rippel 861-4975 Email QA?
RLJ Homes Inc Ray Lapointe 717-0003 Email QA?
RMC Construction Group Ray Monster 212-9027 Email QA?
Robert Gaspari Robert Gaspari 215-2759 Email QA?
Royce Robert Homes Royce Dockrill 860-9687 Email QA?
Ruby Holdings Ltd. Vernon Spetifore 769-7074 Email QA?
Rykon Construction Management Ltd Randy Siemens 764-5017 Email QA?
Sandman Construction INC. Brent Shinkaruk (250) 864-1836 Email
San Marc Custom Homes Ltd. Leroy Richard Jaheny 769-2033 Email QA?
Sandpiper Developments Ltd. Peter Brenneman 763-2242 Email QA?
Sawchuk Developments Co. Ltd. Larry Sawchuk 470-3448 Email QA?
Scherle Enterprises Ltd. Jerry Scherle 860-7979 Email QA?
Scuka Enterprises Ltd. Danny Scuka 212-0048 Email QA?
Serani Bros. Contractors Ltd. Rick Serani 762-0864 Email QA?
Show Home Construction Gary Morris 317-0217 Email QA?
Sierra West Homes Kevin Adams 878-2207 Email QA?
Shiloh Management Ltd. Jack Ryan 764-0214 Email QA?
Simson Construction Management Sheri Simson 769-0821 Email QA?
Sipos Contracting Frank Sipos 764-3166 Email QA?
Solheim & Co. Construction Ltd. Dean W. Solheim 470-9958 Email QA?
Soneff Construction Richard Soneff 769-1080 Email QA?
Stonebridge Design & Build Graham Stonebridge 764-5200 Email QA?
Stutters Construction Restoration Keith Stutters 317-3556 Email QA?
Summerfield Lands Ltd. Ken Webster 763-6600 Email QA?
Sunrise Homes Ltd. 763-1461 Email QA?
Sun West Homes Dan Faye 707-0341 Email QA?
Sunstar Ventures Ltd. Dennis Bigham 862-3222 Email QA?
Team Construction Management Gordon Wilson 470-2393 Email QA?
The Army, Navy and Airforce Veter William Edwards 765-1818 Email QA?
Todd McCardell Todd McCardell 878-2233 Email QA?
Trak Construction Ltd. Kamal Shoranick 861-3413 Email QA?
Tri-Scan Tim Wiemken 863-1567 Email
Troy Weninger Construction Ltd. Troy Weninger 470-8997 Email QA?
TVR Moulding & Cutting Manufactur John Schepp 212-7914 Email QA?
Tysen Properties Ltd. William Bonn 860-1908 Email QA?
Uwe Kadler Uwe Kadler 718-0167 Email QA?
Varitec Enterprises Ltd. Donald Kerr 470-9300 Email QA?
Vintage Design Ltd. Jim Lamb 470-9345 Email QA?
Weninger Construction Marlin Weninger 762-3919 Email QA?
Westville Developments Ltd. Russell Carlson 769-5272 Email QA?
Whitehouse Development John Pratch 215-0709 Email QA?
Willow West Homes Ltd. Richard Mohr 712-0406 Email QA?
Wine Country Custom Homes Patrick Hayko 317-4772 Email QA?
Woodstock Developments Inc. Dennis Kort 769-7775 Email QA?
Worman Resources Inc. Shane Worman 762-0040 Email QA?
Wrangler Custom Homes Victoria Preissl 491-2600 Email QA?
Wyatt Homes Ltd Mike Wyatt 765-8704 Email QA?
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