Portal Hosting

Dear Home Improvement Business,

www.FromTheGroundUp.net is a website portal for Local Home Improvement Information on internet.

Your decision to get a website does not mean you have to get a registered domain name and pay monthly domain hosting fees. You can simply have a "Portal Hosted Website" that allows your business information to reside on www.FromTheGroundUp.net.

There are two options which allow your business economical access to the webworld.

Option A: Simple Portal Hosting. Your website resides on our portal and is accessed through the portal.

Sample for a plumber: A plumber could be involved in the construction of a home or for maintenance of a home. Therefore "Joe's Plumbing" could be found by:

www.fromthegroundup.net >>> Construction >>> Plumbing >>> Joe's Plumbing


www.fromthegroundup.net >>> Maintenance >>> Plumbing >>> Joe's Plumbing

The address would look like:


This method will get you online quickly and easily (within a few days) and can act as a strategic stepping stone towards your own independent website.

Option B: Portal Hosting with Domain Redirection. In this case Joe's Plumbing gets their own domain (www.joesplumbing.com) and the website resides on our portal. It can be accessed directly by www.joesplumbing.com which would be displayed as www.joesplumbing.com with the utilization of domain cloaking. Domain cloaking does not allow the real address of:


to show in the address bar.

To get your own domain name ($30 Fee) follow the instructions at the bottom of the >Digital Services< page regarding Domain Names, on our sister website.

PORTAL WEBSITE HOSTING is an extremely efficient (and inexpensive) way of promoting your company through the power of internet. There are thousands of basic website designs to choose from. See some of the many example templates that are available.

For further information please call:

Jim Ripley

Direct Cellular >>>250 863-8372