Unfortunately...Over 20% of Home Improvement projects end up in a dispute between the Home Owner and Sub-Contractor.

Source: British Columbia Court Registry Statistic

Quality Assurance: Meeting Consumer Demand!

Our Quality Assurance Program is a proactive strategy to settle Home Improvement disputes, in a fair and prompt manner.


Businesses that subscribe to our service can display a QUALITY ASSURANCE DECAL on service vehicles and storefronts. They may provide a QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE with job quotes, estimates, and proposals. Businesses may apply by providing information for our CONSUMER SCORE EVALUATION. Participating businesses agree to follow our conflict resolution procedures.


After reasonable attempts for resolution have been made, it is recommended the customer:

A) fill out the print version of the complaint form and send it to the business they are in conflict with.

B) fill out the ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM. The online form goes directly to an independent agency responsible for the administration of the program. In British Columbia it is the BC ARBITRATION and MEDIATION INSTITUTE.

THE CUSTOMER and COMPANY will be contacted to discuss strategies for resolution which may involve MEDIATION or ARBITRATION.

This process will avoid expensive court costs and time delays.

The program is a positive step towards resolving disputes involving renovation and construction. Currently over 20% of construction and renovation projects involve some form of dispute; problems which may have been avoided with a good agreement.

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