Dear Home Improvement Business,

Our base of operations is in Kelowna, British Columbia recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in Canada for many of the past 30 years. We specialize in consumer communications for businesses involved in Home Improvement.

Below is a tour of links that are components of our Integrated Service Program. The "tour" will never replace a presentation; so please contact us so we can communicate directly or ask for an invitation to our breakfast meetings.

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For reference please review our >Marketing Bridge< to see how our service connects home improvement businesses with customers; then have a look at our services below.

The Virtual Home Show

Possibly the most useful bridge between Home Owners who are building a new home and Home Improvement Businesses.

Portal Hosting Service Sample of an economical way of entering the webworld.

Quality Assurance Program....A program to show consumers which Home Improvement businesses are committed to providing a higher level of service.

Extended Services for Businesses registered with the Quality Assurance Program

Answering Service

Estimating Service

Work Overflow

Three Quotes in Three Days

Note Regarding Pricing: We provide "package pricing" once you have decided which services you would like to use; once again please contact us for a sales presentation. Banner Samples Here

In Summary:

Our Integrated Marketing Program allows the cost of a large campaign to be distributed among many small businesses. It allows your business a sustainable competitive advantage by lowering your overall expenses while plugging you into a Home Improvement Network.

Please take the time to fill out our online business survey form so we can be part of growing your business!



In the works:

The Builder's Catalog on CD... A comprehensive resource of products and services required for construction and renovation of homes.

Home Construction Management System Complete kit for the Owner/Contractor. With your products and services included.

The Teen Machine ...Dynamic workforce for a variety of promotions such as flyer distribution and minor labour. Consider mentoring a teen!

The Hammer Monthly ezine distribution to Central Okanagan subscriber list.

Christmas Party Survey Form