2010 Virtual Home Show DVD

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You get a quality promotional video of your products and services attractively displayed in your store and supported by our ONLINE VIRTUAL HOME SHOW.

Volume, and organization allow us to make this program possible. Since we are shooting on a regular basis for our own media products, we can economically add your project to our shootlist. We have also developed a unique format to expedite the process for scripting, shooting, and editing to keep in budget.

This new affordability is opening doors for small businesses to apply captured video for a wide variety of marketing communications, such as:

  • Webmercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Broad Band or WebTV
  • Edumercials
  • Infomercials
  • TV Commercials

and of course our 2010 VIRTUAL HOME SHOW. (Businesses on tight budgets may be "Gems.")

We hope our programs will be part of your success, please >CONTACT US<

(Note: Access to content on the DVD may be controlled through a Customization Option; see section H of our Service Agreement)