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Dear Prospective Category Specialist,

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There are 200 categories of Home Improvement that our company has direct involvement in. Most of these are in a marketing and advertising capacity which is our core business activity. Promoting Home Improvement businesses that provide exceptional value is what we do. The Virtual Home Show is part of a sophisticated Channel Marketing Program that communicates directly to home owners through a powerful video medium.

In some cases it is in our best interest to act as a consultant to the home owner through a CATEGORY SPECIALIST. If you have extensive knowledge of a particular category of Home Improvement there may be a great opportunity for you in your area of expertise.

As a category specialist it is important you understand your relationship with From The Ground Up. You are not an employee of From The Ground Up you would be an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. We would enter into an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR'S AGREEMENT which specifically outlines the duties, responsibilities, and remuneration associated with your business relationship with From The Ground Up.

From The Ground Up has gone to great expense in setting up the infrastructure for a Quality Assurance Program. Please note that you would NOT be a Quality Assured service provider but would utilize participants in that program as primary service providers.

Through our research we have investigated many companies (local and global) that provide outstanding value. We have a proprietary instrument called the CONSUMER SCORE EVALUATION which acts as a calibration tool for Home Improvement businesses. As an expert you may perform your own research and could have recommendations for which suppliers to use for advising Home Owners. Collectively, we would decide the primary and secondary preferred suppliers that provide the best value. You would focus on providing home owner's with the products and services of these companies. In the event these companies are not able to supply, for any reason, head office must be contacted immediately.

The first order of business would be your expert input towards the creation of informative video for THE VIRTUAL HOME SHOW for your specific category. We have a format for producing video that works very well and should be reviewed comprehensively. All aspects of video production are expensive and there is no substitute for good planning.

Your acceptance as a Category Specialist must be taken very seriously. We request that you do considerable research before applying, accepting, and committing to be a Category Specialist with From The Ground Up.

best regards,

Please contact Jim Ripley directly

From The Ground Up