Frequently Asked Questions from Suppliers

What are the basic services?

At our expense, From The Ground Up will video information about your company, products, and services for exhibition on the Virtual Home Show DVD and the Online Virtual Home Show. We use ex-CBC / CTV professionals to create broadcast quality video. We will use promotional strategies and years of marketing experience to SELL YOUR PRODUCTS and SERVICES on a commission basis.

Why would my company use your services?

A) Very few companies have the resources to track every building permit and send their standalone information to a prospective customer?

B) Our volume gives your business the opportunity to significantly raise the efficiency of your business.

C) Our volume allows this program to function on narrow profit margins.

What does it cost for my company to participate in this program?

We negotiate the Terms and Conditions of each participant; please see our Supplier Service Agreement.

What do we do when a Concierge Client stops by?

The Home Owner will request documentation of the products and services they wish to receive from your company.

What if my company is "REALLY" not happy with a Concierge Client; or even From The Ground Up?

As a proactive measure, agreements are in place to utilize our Quality Assurance Program which is overseen by an independent third party. This allows the project to move forward without undue holdup.

What about exclusivity?

In some cases From The Ground Up will consider an exclusive relationship with a service provider.

What if I decide the program does not benefit my business?

Based on our Service Agreement you may provide 60 days written notice that you will be leaving the program.

Thank you for reviewing information on this program,

Jim Ripley

Owner of FTGU