Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we use this type of service?

From The Ground Up has been checking out businesses involved in Home Improvement for many years. You will benefit by utilizing this intelligence of the local market.

Why would we save money using this type of service?

From The Ground Up is generally negotiating more than one "deal" at any given time. Our volume gives us the strength to negotiate better value.

What if we do not "click" with our Concierge?

We have a variety of Concierges to choose from.

What if we are not happy with a product or service?

Our job is to get you the best value for the lowest price, with the least hassle. We work with all parties to keep your project on time and on budget. We will assist you in replacing service providers if required.

What do we tell the service provider when we go shopping?

You are registered with our Concierge Program and that you request documentation of their offering.

What do we do about Trade Contractors?

In most circumstances, From The Ground Up will negotiate installation of products purchased. Please see our Installation Service Agreement that we negotiate on your behalf.

What does the Concierge Service cost?

Please see our Service Agreement.

What if we are "REALLY" not happy with a product or service; or even From The Ground Up?

As a proactive measure, agreements are in place to utilize our Quality Assurance Program which is overseen by an independent third party. This allows the project to move forward without undue holdup.