Tips on using this Website

Every tool takes some skill to use proficiently. After a little practice, you will find our website to be a very efficient means of getting specific information on local Home Improvement and Lifestyle Choice products and services. It is our goal to promote companies that are dedicated to providing quality products and services at an outstanding value.

How it works:

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There are over 200 categories in our Directory which have been organised by the "sequential logistics" of Home Ownership. The resulting submenu allows the Home Owner to focus on businesses that are completely relevant for their current project:

Planning > Construction > Finishing > Maintenance > Renovation

Our mystery shoppers visit local businesses to perform a Consumer Score Audit which results in a rating which is used to identify which businesses we will invite to participate in our Virtual Home Show and will be promoted by our Concierge Services. Businesses that would like to provide a promotional offer can use the Destination Dollar as a way of tracking people that are Building, Renovating, or have Relocated to the region.

If you are Building, Renovating, or have Relocated please review our Concierge Services as this will give you the benefit of our many years of research into local service providers.

We hope our information is helpful, your comments and feedback are appreciated.

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